About Me

Hello, my name is Carlos Jiménez Varela. I'm an award winning creative director and designer with 17 years of experience in the advertising industry. I have won over 35 awards and accolades in different fields such as advertising, creativity and design from International Festivals.
Most of my career I have worked as al Creative Director in advertising but my background is in graphic design. I specialize in photography post-production which involves photo retouching and compositing. I have done this kind of work consistently for most my clients throughout my career. I have worked in advertising campaigns for big brands such as Oreo, SC Johnson, SAB Miller, VISA, Mazda, Popeyes and many others. 
I have also done retouching and compositing work for world renown design and photography studios such as Sagmeister & Walsh in NYC and Sane Seven in UK. My work has been featured in many industry leading blogs and magazines such as Objects Magazine, Fubiz, Abduzeedo, AdsOfTheWorld, Adeevee, Lürzer's Archive, Poster4Tomorrow and many others. I have also showcased my design work in International Festivals and Biennials.
I love photography post-production work because there is where the magic happens. If you find yourself in need of someone with a great deal of expertise on the subject, I will be happy to help you with your project.