About ME

I’m a photo compositor and high-end retoucher from Costa Rica. Graphic designer by trade but I spent most of my 17 year career working in Advertising; the last 8 of them as a Creative Director for teams in 2 different countries (Costa Rica & Panamá). In 2016 I left the advertising agency world, decided to reinvent myself and go freelance trying to take advantage of my photo compositing skills.
I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop® back in 1999 and has been my image editing software of choice ever since. I have won multiple awards for my work in advertising and I won Gold at the Latin American Design Awards 2021 for my photo compositing work featuring giant sneakers at unexpected places. This type of work has given me de opportunity to work with mainstream brands such as Adobe, Puma, New Balance, Saucony, Altra Running, Foot Locker, the NBA, Canada Goose, Barbour, Bleacher Report, BR/Kicks, HatClub, Paper Planes, Pull&Bear, Capelli Sports, Fenom, Reshoevn8r among many others. I have also collaborated with prominent people in fashion and sneaker culture like Salehe Bembury, Mimi Plange, Mr Sabotage and rapper Jae Tips.
Needles to say I am a sneakerhead. I love the culture and have been collecting since 2013. I enjoy sneakers for their functionality and style but also for their capacity to tell incredible stories through product design and art. I love helping brands tell the stories of their products.
I will continue to collect sneakers and create artwork for the rest of my life. Probably. Most likely.