Mimi Plange / Photo Composites

I created this set of images for the talented fashion designer from New York Mimi Plange for her upcoming collection. This spring / summer collection included a collaboration with Nike on a Lebron 18 Low sneaker featuring a floral theme design which was the overall theme. Inside the sneaker printed on the insole there is  a message that reads "You are a flower in the desert" so I tried to represent that very image with my photo composites.

These images combine shots from the collection look book from which I extracted the model wearing the clothes. I also used the official product shot of the sneaker from Nike and took all the pictures of the flowers in my studio. The background pictures are all from Adobe Stock®. All post production was done in Adobe Photoshop®.

For context, the sneaker was Mimi's second collaboration with Nike on the same silhouette. I created some images for the first one as well which had a Varsity Team inspired design so the images reflect that. Here they are:

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