Walking Tall Around NYC

These two composites were created as entries for an editing contest hosted on Instagram by the administrators of the popular account Launchdsigns and Wacom. The challenge was to select images from a set provided by the organizers and create a photo composite with some of their images but ONLY their images. Additional images or resources were not allowed. All the images were taken by very talented photographers who donated some shots for the contest. 

I am always looking for fun projects or ways to practice my editing skills on Adobe Photoshop and I love working with my Wacom Tablet so this contest was right up my alley.

Both composites have a common theme which is giant high fashion models walking around New York City. I was able to combine images in a way that allowed me to have some of the same vibe in both photo composites.

Unfortunately I didn't win the contest but it is Ok since I didn't enter with any expectations in the first place, I just wanted to keep myself busy and have some fun doing something I love. I hope it comes across.

C  O  M  P  O  S  I  T  E     N  U  M  B  E  R     O  N  E 

C  O  M  P  O  S  I  T  E     N  U  M  B  E  R     T  W  O



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