Sneaker Photo Composites 
( July - September 2023 )
This is continuation of a series of sneaker photo composites I create in my free time featuring some of my favorites sneakers. I started in January and I already posted the sneaker photo composites from the first and second trimester of 2023. You can check them out here JANUARY - MARCH. and APRIL - JUNE.
Once again, I didn't use all the images included in my Adobe Stock® plan so this continue to be a way to utilize the remaining ones as background pictures and keep practicing my photo composite and lighting techniques for the footwear industry I happen to work for regularly.
All these photo composites were created using Adobe Photoshop® which is my retouching and image editing software of choice. Product shots of the sneakers were taken in my studio using full frame Canon Eos R camera, 24-105mm f4, Godox DP400iii, Godox Ad200 Pro and a variety of light modifiers.

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