PUMA - Spring Garden Pack 2021

I made this for PUMA. This was a kid's pack including 3 popular sneaker silhouettes from the brand; the Puma Future, the Puma Cali and the Puma RS-X. The shoes featured a specific color palette since this pack was being released during spring season. The brand wanted to combine the floral iconography of spring with some fantasy elements to make ir more appealing to kids.

The process

Make no mistake; this is a labor intensive photo composite. There is no way you can achieve this spring fantasy vibe from just a couple of images put together. You have to build the scene from scratch to make sure that not only the perspective is correct but also to have control over the amount of nature/fantasy elements in frame and the visual hierarchy required in such a busy composition.


I gathered the assets them from multiple sources including stock photos from Adobe Stock®, ShutterStock® and some others from Unsplash®. 

However the main asset packs which are the plants and grass I bought them from Photobash.org. Such live savers and pretty cheap as well! I am so happy to have found these packs where all the assets come isolated already. Not only they save you an incredible amount of time but they make the composition process a lot easier since it is just a matter of choosing the right ones, placing them and adjusting their scale. No heavy retouching needed other than general integration into the scene, it's awesome!

The photos of the shoes I took and retouched myself in my studio. The brand sent me some sample pairs and I photograph them using my own camera and lighting equipment.

This photo composite was created entirely using Adobe Photoshop®. The final .PSB file is 968Mb and it contains 237 layers in 12 groups. It took me 15-20 hours of work.

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