New Balance / TWO WXY v2 
Summer Campaign 2022

This project is a campaign I created for New Balance's Basketball Division ( @newbalancehoops ). They were releasing 4 new color ways of the New Balance TWO WXY version 2 basketball shoe for Summer 2022 and they hired me to create photo composites for all of them. Each color way had different meaning. All the photo composites were created using Adobe Photoshop® and the backgrounds I got from well know stock photography websites like Adobe Stock®, ShutterStock®, iStock®, etc. The client sent me some sample pairs for me to photograph at my studio and then make the integrations.

Vibrant Summer

The first one was called Vibrant Summer and was inspired by those sunny summer days playing basketball with your friends at a public basketball court available. The colors of the shoe are very reminiscent of summer and the beach that's why I went for some background that encapsulated those beach vibes.
Seattle Gum Wall

The second color way was very specific. It was inspired by The Seattle Gum Wall, a very quirky landmark of the city where some the New Balance's NBA sponsored athletes come from. To many people the wall itself is kind of disgusting because of the germs but I find it kind of charming that a City had embrace such a unique landmark and make it their own. I mean, literally the DNA of the city is there! 

Al these pictures are photo composites. It was kind of hard finding good pictures of the wall that were usable for commercial purposes, specially wide angles shots. I was only able to find one (in pretty bad resolution by the way) where I could do an execution that looks like my work. But in order to see the texture up close of all the bubble gum I was being forced to keep the shoe at a regular scale instead of a giant one for the other 3 pieces:
NBA 75th Anniversary

The thirds color way was inspired by the beautiful game of basketball played at the highest level, at the NBA. The idea here was to represent great moments of the game where the shoe was the player. Moments like the flashy slam dunk, the three pointer, the half court buzzer beater shot, the free throw line shot that will tie the game up, etc.

The images turned out to be pretty funny but in an epic way. I kind of went crazy with this concept and created more images that they asked for. They liked them all. Here they are:
Cold Summer

The last color way was inspired by those players with ice in their veins. Those who don't crack under pressure. They remain cool under the hardest of circumstances. The idea was to represent how the basketball court freezes the moment these kind of players step on the court. The photo composites are pretty straight forward Photoshop integrations with a lot of texturing for the frozen effects.
I am pretty pleased with these photo composites. The client was very happy as well. I think they worked really well for their respective briefs. Hopefully I get to work for the brand soon on a different project.

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