Random Surrealism

This project is a collection of composites made with Photoshop in order to try a new system I developed for idea generation. The surrealism genre fits well with the project in terms of having a disrupting element within the scene; something that is out of place in an otherwise normal and realistic context.  I used both stock photography and my own for the retouch and composite process. 

Each of the pieces were really fun projects to work. They all had their own technical challenges but they came out looking good. I'm happy with the results.

How do I create these pieces?

If you are curious about the retouch and composite process, here is a video of a "deconstructed by layers" sort of thing on one of these surreal artworks. It's not a time lapse video of the whole process in Adobe Photoshop® but I think this might be helpful for those wondering about it. Cheers!

Thank You!
I will add more of these pieces in the future, probably.

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