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I was hired by ALTRA to help them with the release of a new version for one of their most popular trail running sneakers, the Lone Peak 8. Given that footwear and sneakers are sort of my specialty and photo compositing them into interesting backgrounds comes natural to me, they considered me and my style to be a good fit for this project. They wanted me to create some product photography depicting multiple color ways of this sneaker at specific locations that would depict where the sneakers would perform the best.

The process was fairly simple. They sent a list of these locations and some photo references for mood. I searched for background images and sent them multiple options for them to choose the ones they considered best for the campaign. They also sent sample pairs of the sneakers for me to photograph, retouch and photo composite later into these background pictures.

Once the background were selected the product photography, retouching and photo compositing process was pretty straight forward. All the stock photography was from either Adobe Stock® or ShutterStock®. Product photography was all done at my studio. All the retouching and photo compositing was done in Adobe Photoshop® which is my image editing software of choice.

In case you are interested, here are some rough layer breakdowns of the photo composite / manipulation process for each shot:

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