HAT CLUB - The Great Outdoors Campaign

This is campaign developed for HAT CLUB, one of the biggest hat retailers focused on baseball hats for streetwear and one of the main distributors for the brand New Era. The color way of this specific collection of hats was inspired by the scenery and beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The vision was to capture the spirit of the outdoors and to feature the hats in a sort of epic way.

All these photo composites were created using Adobe Photoshop®. The product photography was taken by me at my studio in order to match the perspective and the lighting conditions of the background pictures which were sourced through different stock photography data bases; the main ones being Adobe Stock®, ShutterStock®, iStock® and POND5®.

I am very happy with how these turned out and the hats sold out which I was even happier to hear from my client.

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