HATCLUB / Glacier Pack Photo Composites

Once again, my friends at HATCLUB asked to work on another cool photo compositing project. This time is a collection of hats where the color way is inspired by GLACIERS.

They had a very rough idea of what they wanted. They sent a few pictures for me to use as reference of the kind of landscapes they wanted me to photo composite the hats in.

What I usually do is to send my clients some options. I create low-resolution quick photo composites using the preview images I download from Adobe Stock®; I erase the watermarks with Photoshop and then use some of my own baseball hats to take a quick photo with my iPhone, retouch it and integrate it into the scene so my client has a clear idea of what the final image might look like (it is usually pretty close but in hi-res and with a lot more attention to details). 

I send a few options per shot since these low-resolution drafts don't take me much time to create. Once my client has selected the ones they want to move forward with I usually take the real product they have shipped to me and take the final product photos in my studio for retouching and photo compositing trying to emulate the lighting conditions of each selected background photo.

In this particular case however the project needed to be executed in a rush so there was no time for the to send the products to me in time before launch day. So I worked with their in-house photographer who usually takes care of the product photography for the website. 

He is used to work with e-commerce type of product shots so I need to send specific instructions in terms of studio lighting that I need for certain shots. Some of them require different types of light in terms of quality, intensity, direction and color temperature so it looks natural once I work on the integration in Adobe Photoshop® which is my photo manipulation software of choice.

The work turned out great I think. Here are the rest of the images:

I created versions of the images in different aspect ratios so they could use them both as social media posts and stories and as banners within their website and app on release date. The launch was a success, people loved the images and the hats completely SOLD OUT.
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