My contributions to the REARTpink Project.
This piece was left right at the León Cortés Monument in La Sabana Metropolitan Park (San José-Costa Rica)
The funny thing is that once you make one piece, you start thinking and working on the next one.
Left this one at the Moravia Park in San José.
Then I went to the country side of San José for the next one.
This pink rooster was left at Las Nubes in Coronado. Looks nice in its environment!
And yes, you know you are in the country side when you have to stop for cows on the road.
Went for a business trip up tu Honduras and left this one on Morazán Boulevard, right in the middle of Tegucigalpa.
Then went to Panamá and left this cube at the Coast Line. 
Next I made this brave little guy (G.I. Pink)
Traveled to Panamá again and left him guarding this old building right in the middle of Casco Viejo.
Took this little pine tree home. This one was left at Villa Olímpica y Desamparados. San José, Costa Rica.
Imade this cute little duck ans asked my friend Carlos Arias (Art Director) who was traveling to Paraguay to take it with him, place it somewhere cool and take the picture. He did and it looks awesome swimming under the rain in Asunción Pagauay.
I recently took a vacation trip to Japan. So I figured, why not give this little rhino a japanese castle as a home?
This little "Pinktegosaurus" ended up in Cusco, Perú at Machu Picchu thanks to my friend Agustín Espósito who took it there and also took the picture. Looks awesome!
And now peruvian pink dino has a brother in New York, right in Time Square! Thanks again to Carlos Arias for taking it there!
This pink trooper traveled all the way up to Austin, Texas for South By South West.

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