HAT CLUB / Ancient Egypt

These images are a campaign for HAT CLUB, one of the biggest hat retailers in the US and main distributor of the brand New Era. The color way of this collection was inspired on the mystic Ancient Egypt. They wanted to portrait Egypt as it was instead of what it looks like right now.

All of these images are photo composites made with Adobe Photoshop®. The product photography was done in-house at HAT CLUB's warehouse in Arizona. They built the big hat pyramid there and took pictures of it in different angles. They also shot a few hat stacks for me to play with, placing them in different outdoor and indoor situations within the same Egyptian universe.

The background were retouched and constructed out of numerous stock images from different sources, mostly Adobe Stock® but I also used some images from ShutterStock, iStock and POND5.

I like how these turned out. I had fun creating them even though I had to overcome a few lighting challenges given that I wasn't able to shoot the products myself. But it was all good in the end.

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