Dystopian Battle Wolf

This is a retouching and composite project in collaboration between myself and Ingo Lindmeier, a very talented designer and photo composer from Germany. He created the character of the meat grinder wolf out of 3D objects and stock photography whilst I was in charge of creating the world the character is going to live in.

At the beginning I was thinking going all "neon cyberpunk" but I change my mind. Something about this badass wolf was screaming Mad Max Fury Road to me and I decided to go that route. I used many stock images in different planes in Adobe Photoshop in to create as much depth as possible, creating this post apocalyptic desert environment with that kind of "battle for survival" attitude. I think it came out looking pretty good overall. I am happy with the result. Both Ingo and myself shared the work in our respective Instagram accounts @cejimenez and @spielsinn.
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