HAT CLUB - National Parks Campaign 2022

This is the 3rd project I have done for Hat Club and the 2nd iteration of The Great Outdoors campaign I did for them months ago. You can check it out here.

The last time all the hats were to be photo composited within locations from the Pacific Northwest of USA. They were all the same color way; what changed was the scenery. 

This time there were 5 color ways for the hats since each color way was inspired by a different American National Park. Naturally the idea was to reflect that in the photo composites. The National Parks featured were Acadia, Dead Valley, Grand Canyon, RedWoods and Fire Island.

Some of the product shots I took in my studio with my equipment after the client sent me some sample hats but for some others the client took the photos in-house because of logistics issues that made it impossible for them to send the hats in time relative to the deadline.

I retouched and photo composited all the hats into the selected backgrounds using Adobe Photoshop®. All the background photos of the parks where sourced from well known stock photography websites; mainly Adobe Stock® but a few are from Shutter Stock® and I believe just one if from iStock®.

I am very happy with the result. Although I wasn't able to take all the product shots, light and retouch them to match the lighting of the backgrounds perfectly I think I was able to work with the available assets and make it work. The client was very happy with the result as well.

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