HATCLUB Horror Pack 2022

This is another fun project I made for HATCLUB. They had the idea for this year’s Horror Pack of having the communication for its release to be inspired by the Scary Movie franchise movie posters; to which I said yes immediately. It is a very different style from what I normally do but I welcomed the challenge. See references here:
So, these photo composite type of work is not difficult to create; it is just a big collage of random photographic assets united by a structured composition and a very simple lighting setup. This was more of a labor intensive kind of project rather than a highly technical one. Straight forward photo composite work. Here are the final images:

How it was done

In order to achieve this vibe it was important to gather a huge amount of assets as you can probably expect. Pretty much all the assets for this project came from both a photoshoot organized by the client where they capture a myriad of images of models wearing the hats and making funny poses sitting on movie theater seats. That was our base.
The rest of the monsters, creatures, backgrounds, textures spider webs and so on came from Adobe Stock® for the most part.

All the retouching and photo composite work was done with Adobe Photoshop®. Here are some quick layer breakdowns of the photo composite process for each image:

Despite the hours and hours of work I must say these photo composites were a ton of fun. I love challenges like these because they force me to step out my confort zone and stretch my Photoshop skills. I look forward to create more fun project like this one.
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