NIKE x Sacai LD Waffle

This sneaker composite was created for a collaboration project with a couple of Instagram friends from Germany. Each of us created a photo composite featuring the same shoe but in a different color way each. This is my contribution. Since they went for the more colorful ones I decided to go for the all white version of the shoe and put all the colors in my background.

I found this basketball court picture. It is a pretty famous and colorful court so I leave it alone, I just flipped the image, replaced the sky and what's behind the walls and lowered the closest hoop respecting the transparency of the magenta acrylic board. 

I integrated the shoe with no problem but the scene looked pretty empty. I was looking for a dragon to use in a different project and I came across these fancy porcelain figurines. I discovered that their pattern belongs to a very specific style from Austria called Herend (I think it is the brand name). They looked awesome so I tried integrating one of them into the scene and looked super cool so I filled the rest of the space with more of them.

This project is just sneaker fan art and has no commercial interest whatsoever.  I had a lot of fun, it is pure Adobe Photoshop work and good practice.  It took a while; around 9 hours and a lot of tests; but my objective from the beginning was to try something different from what I normally do for my other sneaker projects. I think I succeeded. What do you think?

The following is a 
layer breakdown video 
of the composite process:

I have more cool sneaker projects like this one.
Feel free to check them out! 

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