In this project I recreated the paintings of surrealism master René Magritte (Belgium 1898-1967). All these were created in Adobe Photoshop trying to respect the artist's original idea with a personal and contemporary touch to them. This is my own tribute to a man who represent a source of inspitarion to many of us designers.
"The Listening Room" (René Magritte, 1952 / Carlos Jiménez, 2014) 
"The False Mirror" (René Magritte, 1928 / Carlos Jiménez, 2014) 
"Man In Bowler Hat" (René Magritte, 1964 / Carlos Jiménez, 2014) 
"Poison" (René Magritte, 1939 / Carlos Jiménez, 2014) 
"The Conqueror" (René Magritte, 1926 / Carlos Jiménez, 2014)
"The Double Secret" (René Magritte, 1927 / Carlos Jiménez, 2014)
"The Castle Of The Pyrenees" (René Magritte, 1959 / Carlos Jiménez, 2014)
"The Explanation" (René Magritte,1952 / Carlos Jiménez, 2014)

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